1-2 December 2023

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The venue for Rails Girls London
1-2 December 2023
is kindly provided by
Venue address:
The Smart Building, 136 George St, London, W1H 5LD

About the workshop

Want to learn to code? We can teach you, and we do this for free 😃
All, to make technology more approachable for women.

How it works:

Rails Girls London is an event (well actually it's a hands on workshop!), that runs over a day and a half, Friday evening, from 18:30 (we finish around 21:30) and Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00. To understand how we split the time of the event you can see the timetable below.

We are now expanded to 300 people per event! That is around 110 coaches and 190 students ( you can imagine how much networking one can do with that 😉 ).
Students come from all kinds of professions, backgrounds and even countries, yes, amazingly people fly over to UK just for our event (a lot of times we even get coaches coming from different countries just for this, we love you guys!).

Our coaches, are all volunteers, in their day to day jobs they are all software engineers, working hard on making all that awesomeness you see online. You can see list of coaches are coming to the event below. We are adding new ones every day, so check again after. Some of our coaches have attended Rails Girls London as students at some point, since then they got a job as a developer, and now they come back to teach others 😃

At the event, we put students in pairs, and assign them a coach. Dont panic, we make sure that the two students in a pair are of the same level. And no, you dont need to have any previous knowledge of programming. Your coach will explain everything starting from the basics. By the end of the workshop you will have your own website online (and you will have that proud feeling of achievement probably as well) 😃

And to make this all is even more awesome, we have amazing support from our sponsors! Thanks to them, we can make this all happen, and have beautiful comfortable venues, full catering and the cool goodies (you'll see what we mean). You can see the list of our sponsors below, and talk to them all at the event, they are incredible!

Got a question?

We are always happy to answer it!
We have multiple channels and many awesome people to help you.

Join Rails Girls London on:

Friday - Installation Party

18:30 - 21:15 Installing Ruby on Rails & Dinner

The goal of this evening is to install Ruby on Rails for you, and get you fully prepared for the next day workshop.
We call Friday evening a party because its going to be fun, there will be loads of networking, getting to know your fellow students and coaches, sharing pizza and drinks, and of course a DJ, you'll regret it if you miss it!
Bring your laptop!

Please note: We kindly ask you to be present both days.

Saturday - Workshop

9:00 - 9:45 Registration & Coffee

Saturday is the hands on workshop day.
We kick off in the morning by having a breakfast and loads of coffee (you will need it, it's gonna be a lot of brain work on this day 😃)
Light breakfast - (we cater for all dietary restrictions, just make sure to tell us what you don't eat in the application form)

9:45 - 11:00 Welcome & Sponsor presentations

We'll let you know the schedule for the day.
Our sponsors will introduce themselves and do brief presentations for the attendees.
We will then split everyone into pairs and assign you a coach to proceed with the workshop.

11:00 - 12:30 Introduction to Ruby on Rails.

Practise coding with ruby.github.io/TryRuby Kickstart your first web application on Rails with guides.railsgirls.com/app

12:30 - 13:10 Lightning Talks

Our coaches, will do a set of presentations on their experiences and knowledge in the software engineering world. We make sure this is a great mix of people with various knowledge and expertise in development, so you will hear a range short and exciting talks from juniors to seniors.

13:10 - 14:30 Lunch

We cater for all needs, please don't forget to mention your dietary restrictions in the application form.

14:30 - 17:45 Extend your website

Continue working on your application with your coach. We set aside this time to really get your head around how to code and make your app what you want. Takes a lot of concentration, but it's super fun, and we provide sugar and coffee to help you power through that (obviously 😃 )

17:45 - late Afterparty

Mingling with all the participants. We go for drinks at a local pub to celebrate the successful learning day :)

Our Sponsors

Organisers & Coaches

Maria Khait
Tony Marklove
Natalia Oskina
Mark Taylor
Robert Siemieniec
Zoe Nolan
Sam De Maeyer
Lucy Stringer
John Small
Petar Zigic
Josh Simpson
Peter Warner-Medley
Gareth Adams
Rebecca Pearce
Clair Griffiths
Thao Vo
Kate Haffenden
Karim Timer
Ana Castillo Botto
Elektra Murphy
Matt Blewitt
Alex Mura
Eser Poyraz
Lily Stoney
Stepan Khodzhaian
Ihnat Zakreuski
Poppy Rodgers
Isaac Nicklas-Coker
Agnieszka Szajnoga
Anna Velentsevich
James Wong
David Swift
Evan Thomas
Erwin Aguero
Pauline Davis
Alice Jackson
Maryam Fazlali
Flora Davies
Javier Honduvilla Coto
Bartosz Szymichowski
Jonathan Young
Toby Benedyk
Maksym Kustov
Rachel Bingham
Marek L
Corinna Chan
Alan Ying
Paolo Fabbri
Catherine Ruggles
Ella Bastian
Janaina Pessanha
Lorin Thwaits
Sophie Mann
Celia Collins
Rafael Santos
Abby Hudson
Jo Morrow
Jess Sullivan
Alkesh Vaghmaria
Javier Honduvilla Coto
Janaina Pessanha
stuart pethurst
Aleksandar Dimov
Brad Jayakody
Elektra Murphy
Mario Gintili
Marie-Alix Lesellier
Maria Castro
Peter Warner-Medley
Dora Horel
Ivan Ivanov